12 November 2021


With your to-do list getting longer and your projects piling up, you are just itching to find a sure-fire way to be more productive. Ultimately, you found the process of working smarter rather than harder to be more difficult. That's why, at Therapeutic Views, we have developed some ground rules for a great day. Guidelines that can be applied to any situation and any activity anytime.


1.  Be more positive 

Wake up each morning with affirmations and a positive attitude. Most people fill their days wringing their hands in a futile attempt to make things go their way. Even when dealing with a bad situation, have a positive outlook. For every step on your road to success, take some positivity with you.


2. Spend time with friends 

There is no one right way to spend a day, but with the right set of people, you can maximize your time and keep your mood high. Spend a Sunday with a group of friends who make you laugh, and you’ll be more likely to laugh during the week.


3. Get a good night's sleep 

In today’s day and age, most people feel as though it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest. We’re constantly on our phones, checking social media, browsing the web, and talking with friends on the phone. It’s hard to turn off the mind and relax. Sleep is an important part of our lives and its importance can’t be underestimated. Follow a sleep schedule, or even when you can't have a routine, get at least seven hours of shut eye daily to guarantee a great mood when you wake up.


4. Enjoy kids/spouse 

Our days are bustling but it's important that we choose to spend our time in ways that are meaningful and beneficial for ourselves and others. Setting healthy boundaries with ourselves is important, but it's also important to be considerate of the needs of our kids, spouse, and our significant others. Have a great day by having fun, getting your tasks done, being with family or friends, accomplishing your goals, and enjoying time with the people you care about.


5. Have a good breakfast

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is important not just for maintaining our energy levels but also for our overall health. Having a nutritious breakfast will help you to be healthier overall, and the rewards will soon become apparent.

Final thoughts

The ground rules for a great day are not complex. They're simple. They're not a checklist, nor a to-do list, but a hack for a happy, healthy life. They are a reminder to be grateful, to appreciate the moment, to be kind. 

Ground Rules for a Great Day

29 October 2021

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